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Educational Consultants

Educational Consultants

We are fast growing Educational Consultants providing various services that cater all the needs of students willing to study abroad. We have a team with expertise in Admission Counselling, Documentation Assistance, Visa Guidance and Mock Interviews. We assist students to get admission from almost all the universities in countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia. In order to apply for these universities, a good score in exams like GRE/IELTS/TOEFL/PTE is a mandate. We even provide training for IELTS as it can decide your chances of getting an offer letter from universities and sometimes even a visa. Our trainers are well qualified and offer the best training in the city.

Highlights of our services:

You name it and we take care of it. Everything right from your University short listing to your port of entry, we take care of your every need till you reach your destined country.

  • Counselling on best and affordable universities
  • Help in preparation of all the admission documents like:
      GRE/IELTS/TOEFL/PTE official score reporting
      Rendering your transcripts from your university/college
  • Our expert GRE/IELTS/TOEFL/PTE trainers are always available to help you in preparation
  • We even assist our students in booking their exam slots.
  • You can certainly use our credit cards (upon payment of the same amount in cash) for the payment of your exam online bookings/any international fees
  • We have contacts of banking professionals who can help you availing loans
  • Financial documents are very crucial in processing of one’s application and our expert guidance will help you out of the chaos
  • We even help in making a DS160 form.
  • We have a specialist team to provide mock interviews for your visa interview and assist in arranging your file in the right order.
  • We help you in getting the Travel Card/Cheques to make your life easier. Also we help you to the very last step of entering the country by assisting you with the Port of entry interview.