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OBIEE 11g Online Training

OBIEE 11g Online Training

Course Duration : 40 Hrs

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) Plus is an advanced and comprehensive BI platform that delivers the full range of BI capabilities on a next-generation architecture designed for true organization deployment. OBIEE has the ability to support systems, activities of OLAP, analytics, data mining, data warehouse, reporting and many more. OBIEE skills required for production report. OBIEE removes repetitiveness in production report. OBIEE decrease time to produce reports, enabling more time to analyze the results. OBIEE enables single version of the Truth Common data and reporting objects.

OBIEE 11g Course Content
PART I :  Overview

  • General Datawarehousing concepts
  • Dimensional modeling basics
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Application Overview
  • Describing the Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Architecture and components
  • BI Server
  • BI Answers
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Delivers

PART II : Admin Tool and RPD Modeling

  • Creating Repository Using Administrative Tool
  • Repository Basics
  • Building Physical Layer of Repository
  • Building Physical Model and BMM Layer of a Repository
  • Building the Presentation Layer of a Repository
  • Testing & Validation of a Repository
  • Calculations & Measures
  • Creating Dimension Hierarchies
  • Organizing Presentation Layer
  • Working with Initialization Blocks and Variables
  • Adding Multiple Sources
  • Executing Direct Database Requests
  • Working with Aggregates
  • Creating Time Series Measures

PART III : Dashboard and Analysis

  • Creating Interactive Dashboards using Answers
  • Creating query and chart
  • Working with Filters
  • Working with Pivot Table
  • Building Views and Charts in Requests
  • Creating Interactive Dashboard
  • Configuring Interactive Dashboards and prompts
  • Configuring Guided Navigation Links
  • Using Partitions and Fragments
  • KPI & Scorecarding
  • Oracle BI for MS-Office

PART IV : Scheduling and Delivering

  • Sending Alerts Using Delivers
  • Configure Scheduler Schema
  • Scheduler Configuration
  • Creating Sample Request and Adding to Interactive Dashboard
  • Creating and Delivering a Simple iBot
  • Creating and Delivering a Conditional iBot

PART V : Security Features and Upgrade

  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Object & Data Level Security
  • Webcatalog Level Security
  • Creating Users, Groups & Webgroups
  • Upgrading RPD/WEBCAT from a earlier release

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