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SAP APO Online Training

SAP APO Online Training

Course Duration : 45 Hrs

SAP APO Course Content

Supply Chain Management and SAP APO

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

  • Reasons for Supply Chain Management
  • Key Supply Chain Problems

Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO)

  • Levels of Supply Chain Management
  • APO Planning Components
  • Optimization Solutions and Evaluations

APO Integration and Technology

  • Live Cache Technology and Pegging
  • Data Integration in APO

APO Planning Components 

Supply Chain Cockpit (SCC)

  • Version Management
  • Functions of the Supply Chain Cockpit
  • Creating a Work Area
  • Supply Chain Cockpit Navigation
  • Key Performance Indicators

Demand Planning

  • Demand Planning Tasks and Functions
  • Planning and Reporting

Supply Network Planning and Delivery

  • Aims of Supply Network Planning (SNP)
  • SNP Planning Sequence
  • Supply Network Planning Strategies
  • Principle of the Optimizer
  • Planning Process
  • Transport Load Builder
  • TLB:Interactive Planning Table

Production Planning & Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS)

  • Advantages of PP/DS
  • Planned Independent Requirements and Requirements Strategies
  • complete Production Planning Run in PP/DS
  • Material Planning and Capacity Requirements Planning
  • Constraint-Based Detailed Scheduling
  • Schedule Optimisation
  • Conversion to Fixed Procurement Elements

Transportation Planning (TP/VS)

  • Transportation Management
  • Transportation Planning TP/VS

Global Available-to-Promise (ATP)

  • What does Global ATP Mean in APO
  • Integration of Global ATP. Aggregating Time Series
  • Alternative Location – Sourcing
  • Capable-To-Promise
  • Product Allocation. Backorder Processing

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